Student Star of The Season

*Meet the aspiring actress, Karen!

Karen is a beautiful student, dancer, singer, actress and daughter. She has been active at North Texas Performing Arts for several years. Karen first started with the production of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown in the summer of 2014. She did plays with the mainstream kids’ shows until she aged out and then started performing with the Starcatchers Therapeutic Arts group. She is polite and kind. She is helpful and always checking on everyone else, greeting them at her first opportunity. Karen became a Jasmine’s Beat student through learning adaptive choreography at NTPA Starcatchers during several shows, including Beauty & The Beast, Elf, Jr., Summer Showtunes and The Wayfinder (currently). She works hard to learn her lines of major casting roles, figuring out choreography, and belting out beautiful songs! She portrays the perfect vision of recollecting oneself when you get overwhelmed, takes deep breaths, and begins again, trying even harder. This is exactly what we teach our students and clients as well, for stress management. We could learn a thing or two from Karen!

Here is a picture of Karen at our latest AMP awards at NTPA, making the most of 2020!

Karen in Elf, Jr. :

Karen taping for the virtual Summer Showtunes, 2020:

We can’t wait to see what she is going to do next!