Our latest NSD performance! So proud of these dancers! #wishthewholeworldcouldhearthis #perseveringdancer #boysdancetoo #nsdpac

One thought on “Our latest NSD performance! So proud of these dancers! #wishthewholeworldcouldhearthis #perseveringdancer #boysdancetoo #nsdpac

  1. Thank you Miss Jasmine for your amazing program, “Jasmine’s Beats.” The classes teach individuals with disabilities more than just steps but uses dance to empower the students. Miss Jasmine also uses the experience to foster discipline, confidence and cooperation in each student. I feel Miss Jasmine’s program seeks to improve the lives of each student by doing something that could open up a whole new world for all the individual’s she comes in contact with. This has helped my son, Ashton, improve his gross motor skills, socialization skills, team work, cooperation, and effective listening skills. It’s a pressure-free environnement. And through her expertise, she uses choreography to strengthen both the left and right hemispheres of the brain by combining patterning, visual movement, auditory processing, rhythm, tempo and sequencing. Miss Jasmine ensures everyone gets to shine and gets their own few minutes in the spotlight.
    Thank you!

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