What is Adaptive Fusion Dance?

Adaptive Fusion Dance involves including many different types of dance styles, techniques, and music. Jasmine’s Beat recognizes this form of instruction and uses an introductory level of these for most adaptive fusion dance classes provided. Currently, adaptive fusion dance has taken choreography based on foundations of ballet, jazz, bollywood, and hip-hop. We are currently looking for ways to include tap, ballroom, african dance, polynesian dance, and many others in the future. Adaptive Fusion Dance also uses contemporary music as well as traditional dance music for instruction, as well as recitals. Adaptive Fusion Dance also welcomes inclusivity of all abilities and all ages, therefore promoting inclusion towards all dance arenas. Whether you’re in a wheelchair/bed or if you’re physically able but need more mental breaks, this class is adapted for you! Ideas/Questions regarding this? Feel free to reach out to us: jasminesbeat@gmail.com.

Picture taken at Next Step Dance, Frisco, TX