I have a special needs son and he has worked with Jasmine thru the Starcatchers program. He loves music, theater and dance. Jasmine goes above and beyond to work with the students. I have had the pleasure to work with Jasmine in teaching my son choreography for a number of Children’s Theater productions. I would give Jasmine a 10 STAR rating. I would recommend to any student that loves dancing and music.
-Warren Henochowicz (2019)


Quinn loves working with Ms. Jasmine ! He loves to do her choreography ! It is challenging and just right for the group (Starcatchers) Ms. Jasmine is kind and encouraging to all the performers !
-Carolyn & Quinn Butterfield (2019)


Mrs. Jasmine’s choreography is so much fun and creative, it gets you moving and you learn coordination and right timing too. Love her so much!
Kaylee (2019)


Jasmine has been great to work with in collaboration with the North Texas Performing Arts – Starcatchers program! Her easy going demeanor is just right for our performers with special needs. With a recreation therapy certification, she is able to assess and address needs, and with years in dance as a performer and instructor, she is able to pull from her personal experience and skills. She adapts choreography to suit the abilities of each student and helps them to be successful and have fun at the same time!
Gabrielle Banzon, MA, MT-BC
Therapy Programs Director
North Texas Performing Arts (2019)

Spreading the Word !
Especially for special needs families ❤️

We met Ms.Jasmine this Summer and Nastasia enjoyed a dance class with her.
Ms.Jasmine is doing a great job teaching our kids to dance, play games, do stretches and keep connected.

Today was the last Summer class, but Jasmine’s Beat will partner up as Assistant Director & Choreographer for the upcoming fall Starcatchers Performance of Beauty and the Beast at North Texas Art Center and will continue to teach dance classes at several location for affordable price.
I share the link to her page in the first comment.

Nastasia decided just stand during last class performance so I am sharing a video from a class when Nastasia did dance at her best! http://www.facebook.com/Jasminesbeat. Thank you Jasmine’s Beat! We appreciate your work! -Ekaterina M. (2019)


I have loved working with Jasmine and watching her interactions with all the kids! She has a truly compassionate heart and it shows in her love and care for each student. I would definitely recommend her classes to anyone looking for an adaptive dance program. -Rachel Chen (2019)


We tried the summer star catchers dance classes this year and we’re glad we did. Our kid enjoyed it thoroughly and looked forward to it each week. Ms. Jasmine is absolutely fantastic teacher who knows just how to teach the special kids in such caring and loving ways. Very understanding and compassionate. Our son learnt a lot and made some friends along the way.
Will definitely be returning for the next session whenever time permits.
We thank Ms. Jasmine and wish her the very best! Please continue the good work and make a difference! -Krupa (2019)


Thank you Miss Jasmine for your amazing program, “Jasmine’s Beat.” The classes teach individuals with disabilities more than just steps but uses dance to empower the students. Miss Jasmine also uses the experience to foster discipline, confidence and cooperation in each student.  I feel Miss Jasmine’s program seeks to improve the lives of each student by doing something that could open up a whole new world for all the individual’s she comes in contact with. This has helped my son,  Ashton, improve his gross motor skills, socialization skills, team work, cooperation, and effective listening skills. It’s a pressure-free environnement. And through her expertise, she uses choreography to strengthen both the left and right hemispheres of the brain by combining patterning, visual movement, auditory processing, rhythm, tempo and sequencing. Miss Jasmine ensures everyone gets to shine and gets their own few minutes in the spotlight.
Thank you! -Andrea Tucker (2020)

Jasmine has been working with our daughter for a few months now. We have noticed our daughter gaining confidence and really feeling like she has some skills in dance! It has been so beautiful to watch our daughter, who normally struggles with feeling like she can do something (like dance) feel like she really can!
Jasmine is patient, kind, understanding, and has quietly gained the trust of our daughter. Our daughter normally gives up on everything. This is the first activity she has actually not given up on. Thank you Jasmine for your quiet patience and loving kindness!
-Kim Sperling (05/2021)

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