Dallas Events at the Abilities Expo


We had so much fun performing at the Abilities Expo in December! Check out pictures from our performances under the past performances tab.

Student of the Season-Reagan!

Reagan is a sophomore at Wakeland
High School who loves dancing, signing, music, traveling, and theater.  He especially loves combining what he learns in one with the others. Tap dance is his favorite to do and ballet is his favorite to watch.  

Dance has helped Reagan with motor planning and spatial awareness. It has also provided opportunities to expand social skills and connect with others. It’s also great exercise and helps him with gross and fine motor movements but in a way that is fun! He really enjoys Ms. Jasmine’s laugh and how she had fun with him when she teaches. Reagan has been an Adaptive Bollywood dancer and danced in Adaptive Theater shows choreographed by Ms Jasmine as well! We love all the opportunities Reagan has taken on!

Student of the Season- Meet Ava!

Smiling Ava!

Ava is a burst of sunshine and loves to make us laugh during our Adaptive Fusion Dance classes at Next Step Dance at The Star in Frisco with Jasmine’s Beat! She is a committed dancer who is especially fond of her twin sister, Olivia, and her parents. Her mom, Angela tells us, “During pregnancy, we were diagnosed with Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome, which is an uneven share of the placenta in identical twin pregnancies in which the 2 babies share one placenta. As such, the girls were born at 28 weeks and during the NICU stay, Ava presented with PVL on a later head ultrasound. In turn, we were told this could result in Cerebral Palsy, but it may not cause any issues.  At around age 2, Ava was diagnosed with CP, and we have been on this journey ever since. Our train of thought is to give Ava every opportunity to be the best she can be! A CP diagnosis can cover a broad spectrum of symptoms from walking with just a slight limp to being non-verbal and without any form of independent mobility. Ava mainly presents with difficulties with her motor skills both fine and gross, impacting her ability to walk and write. She continues to get stronger every day and just let us know she loves her wheelchair!

Ava loves playing Uno and games with her family, swimming, going to school (she and Liv are in the same Kindergarten class!) pretty much everything a 6 year old loves! She likes dance because she loves music and loves to try new things!

Ava wants to be a teacher or vet when she grows up.”

Here’s a #DanceChallenge for YOU!

Can you Post a Video of your version of this dance on Facebook or Instagram and TAG @jasminesbeat ? You may be a lucky one for us to share on our page! Let’s show the world how to embrace dance no matter what your disability may be! If you like learning Ms. Ashley’s moves, reach out to us to see if you can do a private lesson with her: jasminesbeat@gmail.com

Student of the Season- FALL, 2021

Meet McKenna!

October is Spina Bifida Awareness Month.
McKenna is a three year old little sister with Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele. This is the most serious form of spina bifida. McKenna had an opening of her spinal cord from her mid lumbar to her tailbone which caused severe nerve damage. She had her first surgery to close her spine during fetal surgery at 26 weeks gestation. Then, she was born 13 weeks later. She has had many surgeries in her three years, brain surgery and most recently had a tumor removed from her spinal cord this summer. McKenna never allows her diagnoses to get in her way. Although her nerve damage caused paralysis and weakness in her legs and hips, with the use of her walker, braces, wheelchair and her joyful attitude, she continues to prove that she can do anything with hard work. McKenna loves her older brother, Ian, and is always looking out for him. McKenna Grace warrior princess loves dancing, singing, art and playing with her friends and family.  We love dancing with McKenna! She makes strides every week with us, including in making new friends, attempting assisted walking across the floor with ballet moves, working on core strength and balance, and building self-confidence. Stop by our Friday classes at Next Step Dance to say hello to this charming personality and you will definitely leave with a smile on your face too!

Watch our star shine!

Our new TAP DANCE addition to our Adaptive Fusion Classes!

We’ve added a new addition to our Jasmine’s Beat® Adaptive Fusion classes! TAP! As exciting as it sounds, you may be wondering how it will help your neurodiverse loved one. There are so many ways we can modify and adapt this portion of our class. The best part about this summer is that it will be taught by a fellow Recreational Therapist, Caroline Graves, who has many years of experience with tap, among other dance styles as well. How can Tap benefit your child’s development?

* Tap Dance engages many parts of the brain and helps to improve the capacity for learning.

*Percussion instruments like Tap shoes help students develop coordination and gross motor skills.

*Tap classes thrive on rhythmic harmony or understanding individual parts of a whole, and improves musicality.

*The musical training in tap, as well as other dance styles, has been found to improve overall academic achievements.

*Students face and conquer challenges and improve self-esteem in a group setting.

*Students improve balance, pointing and flexion of the feet.

It’s not too late to join us! Just come on down to Next Step Dance at The Star in Frisco, and come find out what all the buzz is about!

Trouble Sleeping?

If you are like me and have been having issues sleeping this past year, you are NOT ALONE!  Simply staying to specific places have an effect on the brain and body as well.  Here are a few tips I’ve been given along the way.

  1. Sleep routine.  Have a pre-bedtime routine every night.  It triggers the brain to start calming down.
  2. Avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.  All interrupt quality of sleep.
  3. Use the bed only for sleeping.  Keep work and T.V. off of it. This one is a tough one for me!
  4. Having a hot bath 1-2 hours before bed will raise your body temperature, causing you to feel sleepy as your body temperature drops again.
  5. Exercise, stretch & eat light before bed.
  6. Darker and cooler space work best for relaxing.
  7. Try to get some Vitamin D from sunlight every day!  This effect can be seen in toddlers as soon as they have a couple hours in the sun how quickly they nap afterwards.  It’s the same for adults!
  8. Affirmations and not thinking about stressful items in the middle of sleep. There is a “5 second hack” I recently learned about.  Once the stressful or distracting thoughts come into the forefront of your mind, count out loud “1,2,3,4,5” and refocus on what you need to think about, i.e., sleep, comforting thoughts, affirmations, etc. It really does work!  Thinking about how to positively uplift your day or week in order to create or meet your affirmations is a great last thought of the day.
  9. Using white noise or guided meditation without looking at a blue screen can help.  Some of my kids rely on this to calm down quicker for the night.  This is also a great way to encourage closing the eyes and resting them.
  10. Journal or talk to someone.  Having an outlet about your thoughts and feelings to a third party with no judgement is super important.  Can’t get a person? Start journaling.  It’s a great way to re-prioritize your wants versus needs and helps you realize your sleep is way more important than you think.

~Hope this helps you get some re-energizing Z’s tonight!~