Students of the Month-February & March, 2020

Not one, but TWO students of the month! Introducing Manas & Chetan!

Manas & Chetan are brothers who love to dance and have a variety of music interests. The excitement on their faces and excellent memory of everyone’s voices and names at every class would never make it apparent that they both have been completely blind from birth. Both brothers have a condition called Rod cone dystrophy  (which is also known as Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA)). Manas, who is also autistic, is a teenager who loves hip-hop, country, and bollywood music. Manas gives the class its high-energy and always has a smile on his face. Chetan loves pop and bollywood music as well. He shows high flexibility, great coordination and musicality in his dance skills. The boys have not been in the class for the full year yet, but have made themselves accustomed and known well by our consistent volunteers, Ms. Emma and Ms. Kate. Some goals they have achieved in this class has been spatial awareness without their walking stick, room to step ratio, following choreography instruction, knowing routine and modifying stretches as needed. Some adaptations we do during adaptive dance class is hand under hand assistance at times, person to person contact, and tactile stickers on the floor. Because dance is a whole-body experience, the boys have shown happiness in their experience through verbally assisting other students in the class as well! The boys are a delightful inspiration and exciting performers for everyone to see!

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