Our new TAP DANCE addition to our Adaptive Fusion Classes!

We’ve added a new addition to our Jasmine’s Beat® Adaptive Fusion classes! TAP! As exciting as it sounds, you may be wondering how it will help your neurodiverse loved one. There are so many ways we can modify and adapt this portion of our class. The best part about this summer is that it will be taught by a fellow Recreational Therapist, Caroline Graves, who has many years of experience with tap, among other dance styles as well. How can Tap benefit your child’s development?

* Tap Dance engages many parts of the brain and helps to improve the capacity for learning.

*Percussion instruments like Tap shoes help students develop coordination and gross motor skills.

*Tap classes thrive on rhythmic harmony or understanding individual parts of a whole, and improves musicality.

*The musical training in tap, as well as other dance styles, has been found to improve overall academic achievements.

*Students face and conquer challenges and improve self-esteem in a group setting.

*Students improve balance, pointing and flexion of the feet.

It’s not too late to join us! Just come on down to Next Step Dance at The Star in Frisco, and come find out what all the buzz is about!

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